91.5% of all clicks happen on page 1 of Google search

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Page 1 of Google search is where all the clicks are hanging out.

For Calgary companies wanting to rank higher on local search results or needing to reach customers globally.

"It's pretty simple. If you don't publish content or manage your online presence, you will never have an impact on page 1 of search results."

Stephen King, President & Founder,

Your Quality Content is 2-clicks Away




We'll develop a keyword strategy to maximize the impact of your content on both Search and Social Media 


Content Portal

The Stephdokin Content Portal includes 1,000's of authors -- you'll have custom articles ghost-written for you on your schedule.

We'll interview and select your authors, as well as manage the writing process including draft reviews.


Publishing Schedule

We'll develop a publishing schedule with blog post titles and topics. We'll also use inhouse expertise, existing company content, and curate content from experts in your industry.


Once approved, we'll post your articles with world-class SEO and Google technical integration under under the hood. We'll also distribute to your social channels on your behalf.

SEO/Social Publish

Click 1:
"I like the title of this article. I approve it!" 

Click 2:
"This is a good article.
I approve it!" 

Last year, Stephdokin clients SEO organic search traffic grew by over 500%. It's a key part of their long-term success.

Why is Content Publishing / Blogging so popular?

Increase SEO ranking to show up in more organic search results

Increases # of BackLink referrals to your site

Helps to attract the right kind of customer & they stay engaged on your website & social media longer

Allows you to re-use content for eBooks,  
Newsletters, videos, 
& infographics to further

engage poeple as well as retain existing customers

Increases Google Quality Site Authority 

Social media distribution gives opportunity to connect with people on social properties on a frequent basis

Demonstates your 
thought-leadership and increases customer loyalty

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